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  • Identity Shifting 101

    Full super shazam of identity shifting brilliance and revolutionise your life.
    by: Janette Dalgliesh

  • 10 Life Skills, Never Taught but Totally Essential for Happy Living

    by: Melanie Bates, Anne Bolender, Jeannette Maw, Frank Butterfield, Lisa Hayes, Joy Zalzala Soyka, Janette Dalgliesh, Lisa Cavallaro, Ginny Gane, Cassie Parks

  • Personal Core Values, Your Guide to Creating Clarity in Your Life

    A guide to uncovering the essence of what you value, so you can set a course in the right direction.
    by: Anne Bolender

  • Self Care Clinic

    The self-care course that might save your sanity and your life.
    by: Lisa M. Hayes

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ScoreYourSoulmateIt’s a basic human desire, to love and be loved.  And yet they certainly didn’t teach a course called, “Finding Your Soulmate the Easy Way”, in school.  The dating industry is a multibillion dollar machine that peddles possibilities. However, even after all the personality profiles and “getting to know you” forms, most people still feel like it’s a crap shoot because no one ever taught them how to find the one.

That’s right, there is a how. Score Your Soulmate teaches just that. Score Your Soulmate is a by the numbers field guide that works a formula for finding great love. This book takes you through your past experiences in a way that makes them empowering. Then you develop a plan for finding that one great love that will result in one great life, with or without the love. However, the formula works. Finding your soulmate is a natural, effortless, byproduct of the work.

Lisa M. Hayes is law of attraction relationship coach. With her practical and down to earth advice she demystifies how to use law of attraction to score your soulmate.  With more than a decade of expertise and literally thousands of client hours worth of experience, Lisa has infused Score Your Soulmate with some of the best advice on the market for how to avoid the dating lottery cycle and being the happiest you’ve ever been on the way to happily ever after.

“Wow! This book was a real eye-opener for me! By doing the exercises outlined in this book, I was able to see a clear pattern in the types of men I had been choosing, and this caused me to take a really good look at myself and why I was willing to accept so little in the relationship department.

The exercises offered a fresh way to create a new vision of an ideal partner, and in scoring myself, I was able to see the areas that I need to address in my own life to become more of a vibrational match to the partner that I want.

The “Dose of Inspiration” feature offered me hope by illustrating different ways my Soulmate can manifest in my life, and the “Moral of the story” quotes offered helpful morsels of wisdom that have me thinking about things in a whole new way.

I like the honest way the author, Lisa Hayes, shares her personal story; she doesn’t hold anything back. She made me feel like she’s been there, and she “gets me.”

I feel really excited about taking action in cultivating my juiciest life, knowing that I will be having a grand time even before my Soulmate shows up. This book shows me that a woman loving life is SUPER ATTRACTIVE and that’s what I choose to be. I highly recommend this book!”

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